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A combination of Japanese and European style cuisine, using mostly fresh local organic products.
BBQ are available from more than 4 persons order. Please ask us when you make a reservation.

BBQ menu

In 2019,We build up BBQ house. You can enjoy BBQ on the outdoor terrace with good view. Fishery products, meat, vegetables will be served. BBQ is limited to the group more than four people. Please fill out a form at the time of a reservation if you want to do BBQ.When strong winds and heavy rain, please note that we will switch to a usual dinner menu by our judgment. A carry-on of ingredients is prohibition.
BBQ price is same with usual dinner. Just we ask you 300yen/person for BBQ facility charge.

Would you like Bio wine?

70% of the wine to sell in our lodge is naturalism wine. It is also called Bio wine. A strict definition is made to Bio wine. Bio wine is raised by the organic farming that a chemical fertilizer is not used in and controls antioxidants as much as possible in the brewing process. Bio wine is no supplementary sugar, no filtration, just to use nature yeast attaching the grape, unfiltered, uncolored etc. Please taste passion of the producer with the dinner of the lodge.

We mainly offer you Sapporo Classic Beer, Japanese Sake and Whisky and Local Wine.
We ask you to excuse bringing and drinking your own bottles of alcohol at dinner time.


Japanese style breakfast will be served. It is all home made side dishes, the higtest grade Hokkaido rice which is Nanatsuboshi. We want to serve you low fat healthy menu in the morning.